In the Red Carpet Club – SFO

11 11 2007

I am comfortably ensconced in the United Airlines Red Carpet Club lounge at SFO. My flight is not for a few hours, but it is raining, and I have to charge my new headphones, so I decided to do it here. Comfortable enough. Because I am in Business, I get a couple of drink chits. Hard to believe that this is a perk 😉

SFO Red Carpet Club

Had an OK day in SFO. My hotel, the fabulously mediocre Hilton Garden Inn – South San Francisco (The Industry City), did me well enough for a 6 hour sleep, and it was a nice morning to walk the mile or so to Hertz to pick up my ride for the day.

I find myself in a tan Hyundai Elantra — this is actually a good car. Would not buy one, but would not turn one down if given. Only radio station programed in was the Gay all dance music station — that was easy! They were flogging a very interesting flight

It started to rain as I made my way up the coast to see the sights (and buy my Bose headphones). Rained harder and harder, got foggier and foggier, and I drove back to the City. I had to stop by the Macy’s to return a sweater. That done, it is 3:30 pm, it is pouring rain, and I don’t want to buy allot of stuff, so I go to Oyster Point to watch the European heavies take off whilst eating my In-N-Out Burger.

I had an appointment at the Apple Store in Burlingame to get new headphones for my iPhone. Went window shopping — found the rain jacket I have been looking for for ages, too bad it was only in small. 😦

With that done, I decided to just check in, get into the lounge, and relax before my flight, and here I am.

A rather boring day in the Bay, but given the rain and my tiredness, OK. I got done what needed to be done, and I should sleep well on the plane.

Here is one photo from yesterday that I liked — it is of some public art at YYZ:

Gate 155

One last thing: Sal, I will not forget my passport this time!


Waiting for the upgrade

7 11 2007

2.5 days more of work, then I am off on my vacation to NZ. I think I should be more excited about it, but I am not. Well, yes, I am looking forward to it, but I am not excited.

Maybe tomorrow.

Until then I wait for my upgrade to Sydney clear, and plan my next trip, around the world via CMB 🙂