A small Banff

5 04 2008

Basically, that is Queenstown in three words. From the architecture to percentage of Japanese, from the mountains to the gondola Queenstown is basically Banff at 1/3 size. Well, other than it is not in a National Park. That is 250km away, in Milford Sound.

It is rather interesting how a a commercial district in a small mountain town can take something that looks unique and beautiful and turn it into another generic tourist village – Jackson Hole, Whistler, Queenstown, Banff – they all look the same in the end.

Jet-lag finally hit me, and had a bit of trouble waking up yesterday. Eventually got up and drove to Milford Sound in the pouring rain. Missed the last boat out into the sound 😦

Here are some photos from the trip down, they look dark on a PC. I have some better ones, but they need some work.

Off to Auckland today, hopefully the internet won’t be as expensive and or slow. I find that the internet in NZ is some of the most expensive and slow anywhere. Twice as expensive at the hotel as in the Hilton in Colombo!