YYZ-SFO: On my way

9 11 2007

Off to NZ! Went to work this morning, with the idea that my flight is not at 3pm to Calgary (YYC) then on to San Francisco (SFO), but direct, at 6pm. I make it to my car to take me to the airport, arriving at 4:30. Because of the changes to my itinerary, I was not able to check in on-line. I find out that I do not have a seat in Executive Class (boo!).

YYZ Transborder MLL

They put me through to the gate to deal with this, as there is a later flight I can take if I want to be ensured J access — otherwise I could take this flight and sit in the back. I am on Vacation! I paid for this in points! I can wait!

A very quick run through through US customs and immigration (thanks NEXUS!), I am in the lounge for the first time. The supervisor at check in said that the Lounge would find me a way on to a J flight. Looking at the ticket as a reward ticket the first Lounge Dragon is unwilling to touch the ticket, let alone help me.

I fume over my glass of wine and then see that the Lounge Dragons have changed — the new one at the desk is willing to look, but unable to help “too much calling about the bags”.

Given the amazing help I have had in UA lounges, I am not impressed — though the food and drink selection is much better with AC.

So I go to the gate, and they are about as helpful as the second Lounge Dragon.

Eventually, I find someone very helpful to make the change. The service desk agent is a GEM! She is cheerful, helpful, and efficient. She quickly makes the change to the later flight, with the seat I want, and gets my bags checked in 30 seconds (take that MLL!)

Back up to the lounge for supper, the Lounge Dragon says “boy they sure had to work hard, didn’t they!”. I shrug and make my way for a glass of Californian Chardonnay and some cream soup for supper.

Flight is called for 20:50 — we will see.