Waiting for the upgrade

7 11 2007

2.5 days more of work, then I am off on my vacation to NZ. I think I should be more excited about it, but I am not. Well, yes, I am looking forward to it, but I am not excited.

Maybe tomorrow.

Until then I wait for my upgrade to Sydney clear, and plan my next trip, around the world via CMB 🙂


It all started with an e-mail…

11 05 2007

“Orbitz – Ua Business Class Roundtrip Sfo-akl $1480.00 All In” it said. It was early Monday morning – I just woken up…Brenda Anderson

I went onto flyertalk.com – had a look. Any time in the next 330 days, full business class to Auckland via Sydney from San Francisco or L.A. Price? $1,221.00 plus tax makes it $1,465.75. Full C class on United, any metal between NZ and AU. Being a full C fare, it is fully refundable.

By the time I was out of the shower, I decided to buy one ticket. I usually go somewhere for my birthday, why not November in NZ! I decided 10 days was all I could afford, so I leave on the 10th of Nov from SFO arriving 2 days later mid-afternoon. I come back on the 22nd of Nov in the morning.

By mid-day, the fare was still alive (!) I had e-mailed a few friends who might be interested in coming with me. Everyone but one said they couldn’t do it, and one was thinking about it. Knowing the fare could disappear at any moment, and with nothing really to lose, I booked another ticket. 10 minutes later the fare was gone!

Now what? Well figure out what to do in NZ. North Island – South Island – Australia even if the fare is good. Well, I have till November to figure it out.

PS: For those who are wondering, the fare should have been $5532.00 each way, but was in the system for $532.00 each way!

Brenda Anderson