Queen Alia International Airport

29 03 2008

I decided to drop of the rental car, which was breaking as I drove it (it seemed), off early. It was a nice day, about 28C, but a bit windy as I drove to AMM. Two checkpoints — I was waived through.

Rather disappointed with Avis in Amman — the cars from Europcar looked the nicest (I will rent from them next-time). Notice back there I said next time? Well, I know there is allot more to see in Jordan, so I will come back some day soon. Anyone want to come with me?

Decided to check in right away. As per normal in many of the world’s airports, you go through security as soon as you enter the terminal. The line up I needed had about 100 Chinese tourists lined up to get in, or you could bypass this all by paying 20 JD for "VIP Service". Basically, some guy who holds your bags and passport and walks you through to the front of the lines for everything. Well, after the 100 Chinese tourists at the door, the terminal was empty *sigh*.

On annother note, there is no open post office in Jordan today, so the postcards will have to wait for Doha or Colombo 😦

Luckily, I have found the only open plug in AMM, so my computer is being recharged. As there are no currency changers around, I need to go spend my 25 JD on duty free…

Found one! Dont ask the rate, it wasn’t the prettiest, but I am now 125 Qatar Ryals richer! Enough to pay my entry visa into Qatar (55 Riyals)