28 03 2008

Today was the day for Petra. Knowing the best light was in the mornings, I decided on an early start. I was glad I did, but not for the light! Up at 6 am, and at the entrance to Petra by 7, there are just a few people around as I buy my ticket (21 dinar) for the day.I scan the display by the entrance, but decide not to book a guide (a bit too extravagant for just me) or a horse, so quickly to the gate and in.

This walkway is about 500m long, and takes you to the Siq, or Shaft, which is the ceremonial entrance to Petra.The Siq starts out slowly enough, but has some very dramatic parts. Here are some images from my walk and out:

After walking along Al-Siq, you suddenly come upon Al Khazneh, or The Treasury:

As you can see, the light is better later in the morning, but the crowds are worse. Today was the start of Summer Time here, so instead of the sun hitting the Treasury at 9am, it is 10am – by then the day-trippers from Amman has arrived.

I did walk further in, seeing many other things – but if I tell you all about them here, I will have nothing to say when I am back. But to finish, here are some other photos from the day:

And finally proof that I was there: