NZ the long way

Flight itinerary:

2008/04/25    YYZ > LGA AC 710 E75 J
2008/04/25 +1 JFK > AMM RJ 262 342 Y
2008/04/29    AMM > DOH QR 401 333 Y
2008/04/30    DOH > CMB QR 302 320 Y
2008/04/02    CMB > SIN SQ 469 772 J
2008/04/02 +1 SIN > AKL SQ 285 744 J
2008/04/03    AKL > CHC NZ 521 733 Y
2008/04/03    CHC > ZQN NZ5381 AT7 Y
2008/04/05    ZQN > AKL NZ 648 733 Y
2008/04/07    AKL > BKK TG 990 772 J
2008/04/07 +1 BKK > FRA TG 920 744 J
2008/04/08    FRA > VCE LH4082 321 J
2008/04/11    FCO > VCE 9Q6364 734 Y
2008/04/12    VCE > JFK DL 151 763 J
2008/04/12    JFK > IAD UA7318 E70 Y
2008/04/12    IAD > YYZ UA7841 ER4 Y

Air Canada Embraer 175, originally uploaded by brianTO.

To New York!

Royal Jordanian Airbus A340-200, originally uploaded by caribb.

The type of aircraft that will take me to Jordan

Qatar Airways A330-300 A7-AEH, originally uploaded by albspotter.

Onward to Doha!

Dubai,16Feb07, originally uploaded by Pervez183A.

To the Indian Ocean

On my way in style…

Hong Kong airport. a PICT0597, originally uploaded by Vic Wild.

Likely this exact airplane overnight…

Hopefully some time for breakfast just like this.

Above the clouds, originally uploaded by Essjay NZ.


Air New Zealand 737-300, originally uploaded by Alex Upton.

Some crappy middle seat ;)…

DSC09692, originally uploaded by griffs0000.

Was to be a A340-600, but not to be 😥

Upper deck flying

B747-4D7 /HS-TGO /THAI, originally uploaded by phinalanji.

Trying to snag a seat upstairs for this flight…

Will I be on Wismar?

Lufthansa Airbus A321, originally uploaded by Andres Rueda.

Short hop to VCE…

Back to America

AIR ONE EI-COK, originally uploaded by francescoprocida.

Short hop back up to VCE…

Last flight up front

Delta 767, originally uploaded by bribriTO.

First time on Delta, and it is up front!

I don’t want to know how long this flight will be

Flight home, originally uploaded by bribriTO.

This flight is 20 minutes in the air, 1.5 hours gate to gate.

Small tube home

I will be glad to be home, I think.


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