Hilton Best Rate Guarantee seems only to guarantee high blood pressure

12 09 2012

I need to be in LAX on October 9th. On September 4, I book:


So, I found out that American Express Canada had a better rate on a hotel. Much better. So it is time to try a Hilton BRG claim.

First email, I get this in response:


The person running my claim doesn’t even find the hotel I am looking for. I email back this screen shot:


Still very much alive. The next day I get this email:


I wonder what they are looking at. I do the search again, and get this:


Which includes this screenshot:


Still alive. Now it is September 6. I contact @HiltonHelp to see if they can help. They look things up and see what I am talking about. Crickets.

Crickets until September 12 when I go onto Twitter again.

The answer appears to be: SOL Brian


I just feel like cancelling it all and staying at the Crowne Plaza down the street. I am a Plat IHG member, and I would get club access.


Recieved an email from Hilton not acknowedging any of this, but repeating their email of September 6. Glad I am not staying at the Hilton now, and cancelling my upcoming reservations with them.

Update 2:


It is really hard not to feel insulted by this email. Honstly, if this is your response, don’t bother.

So… I complained to the BBB. Took three emails back and forth to finally get this:


I have emailed them to confirm that they will send a 50$ Amex voucher. While it is not the rate I was quoted (the orig was taxes in) I have had about enough of this. I currently have a room booked at the Crowne Plaza down the street. I have yet to decide where I will stay.




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