@car2go does some sleuthing to find out who parked a car in the wrong spot

8 08 2012

So I have become a quick fan of Car2Go, Damlier’s one-way truly on-demand car sharing service using cars from their Smart subsidiary. 

Well, mostly a fan. 

On Sunday I picked up a car from the Green P at Queen and Victoria. There was no car in the main floor spot, but while walking to the elevator, I spotted a car up on the second level. Nice.

Today, I got a call from their Toronto office, reminding me to park the car in it’s proper place. Which I had, later that day, on the main floor in the designated spot. I mentioned that I *found* it on the second level. They thanked me for taking it and wished me a good day.

Then I started to wonder. How did they know I was around that car?

Then I remembered. When I picked up the car earlier, I noticed it was sitting next to it’s cultural predicessor, the VW Beetle. So I took the following instagram:


And sent the followng tweet/foursquare update:

They must have reverse-engineered who they *thought* put the car there from the tweet. 

Just a reminder that what you tweet, instagram, and foursquare can come back to you.





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