Do you think this is open and honest?

3 07 2012

If you search “Car Share Toronto” in Google, the first or second link you get will be for a site called  


It is a one page site that breaks down the differences between the two main car sharing companies in Toronto, AutoShare and Zipcar. Unless you read between the lines, there appears no way to tell who owns the site. 

Well, read between the lines or do a WHOIS lookup on the domain. If you do that, the following comes up:


The domain is owned by AutoShare. 

To me, this kind of site is not being upfront to your customers. Not being clear, fair or accurate.

So today I asked @AutoShare about this:


“:-) nothing to hide here.”

Well, on the page, can you see who owns this site? That AutoShare owns and publishes I asked them that too:


Pretty much a non-answer. Other than they are being fair & accurate.

Unless of course this short and kinda random tweat to me was a direct answer:


The funny thing is, I am not a member of either AutoShare or Zipcar. I have tried both, but found I wasn’t really using either. Both have their good and bad points. But given how AutoShare appears to me to be misleading in their representation to prospective customers.I am hesitant to suggest them to anyone becuase I have to ask, are they being like this in other ways too?

What do you think?




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