MOTAT – and Venice

9 04 2008

I woke up with the idea of going to MOTAT, the national museum of transportation for New Zealand. On two sites along with a zoo and parkland, it sits about 15 minutes by bus from the CBD.

The museum has a rich collection of transportation artifacts, but really is in need of some curation. It has the feel of a community museum, not a national museum. Artifacts are added and shown not necessarily for any reason other than that they were donated to the museum. Quality pieces are buried by flotsam. How this can be handled better is what the National Railway Museum in York, England, handles this. As the repository of the relecs of the pre-nationalized railways of Great Britain, it holds a vast collection of artifacts of limited interest. Instead of burying the main pieces with these artifacts, they keep them well documented in back rooms – which are open to the public.

Anyway, even without this, I enjoyed a good 3.5 hours at the two sites – connected by historical tram. Very hard to take photos tho, as it was so stuffed together.

Upon my return to the CBD, I walked through viaduct harbour, looking at the boats, enjoying people watching. A very nice area of Auckland, which I missed the last time I was here, as it is not well connected to the CBD. (an expressway is in the way – sound familiar?)

Had a quick bite overlooking the water and continued wandering the city, finding a fine Microbrewery (The Shakespeare Inn), going out for supper on the water, and calling it an evening.

Up the next morning and off to the airport, for my flight to Venice via Bangkok and Frankfurt (Thai and Lufthansa). Listening to some French pop music, but not using my Bose earphones. On my Singapore flight to AKL, the seat ate the cable. Luckily, I have a spare, unfortunately, it is at home.

Flying over the Timor Sea at the moment, about 4 hours out of BKK, listening to a mix of Arabic and French pop. A few CDs to buy are now on my list. This is my longest flight of this trip, beating the flight to Amman by 45 minutes. I will have to say this flight is a bit more comfortable.


Second day in Venice. Went out a bit yesterday (after 24 hours in the air – the seats let me sleep!) but it was raining. Today, sunny early, now hazy. Here are some photos of Venice




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