Splendid Isolation

27 03 2008

Again, with no map, I am planning my day down to Petra. I decide to drive by the Dead Sea, so pull off the highway following the well marked signs. Double carriageway again, with little traffic.

From NZ the long way

Somewhere after I go below sea level (no photo there as there was a checkpoint) I go through a construction zone. Shortly after I am pulled over. I think it was for speeding through the construction zone. But, I do not speak arabic, the young police officer doesn’t speak english, and he decides to wave me on before his partner gets out of the police truck.

A couple more police checkpoints later (only one of which I show my passport) I am at the Dead Sea. And it is dead. No one around, no real access to the water itself :\ The only places with access are the resorts, all lined up together in a zone. It is all built up for tourists, but with no buildings, or tourists!

From NZ the long way
From NZ the long way
From NZ the long way
From NZ the long way

I drive through a few more checkpoints to a roadway away from the sea and make it to Al Karak. Now, I know I am on the right road south to Petra, but I can’t be sure, so I turn around. When I look at the map, I see I was actually going the right way *sigh*

I eventually make it back to the main north-south highway, which is an efficient, if boring, way to Petra.

From NZ the long way

I realize how much I am traveling in splendid isolation when I check into the Petra Marriott. Splendid views, about 3km out and above Petra. This is not useful for my tendency to be shy and a bit of a loner — something not to repeat when I come back!

From NZ the long way
From NZ the long way

Tomorrow is a full day at Petra!




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