So it begins…

25 03 2008

With a nice sunrise shining off the towers outside my building.

Out of the door by 8, I make my way to the free rental car I booked — 2008 Cadillac STS.  Nice ride to go to YYZ.


Traffic is surprisingly busy, but nonetheless I am at the check-in counter in 45 minutes.  Nice friendly conversation with the check-in agent — she is surprised how much my luggage can hold.  30 seconds (and an iris scan later) I am in the USA, and at security.  2 minutes later, I am in the MLL, on the phone with Aeroplan rebooking her flight to YCG.  It only took an hour, but she is booked.  Initially the agent was not in the best of moods, but by the end was friendly — helps I am in a good mood I think!

Had a quick continental breakfast, and off to the gate.  No opportunity to take a photo of the airplane I am on because of the configuration of gates, but it is an E-175.

Departing 24R, we had a bit bumpy take off, but then nice, clear, and smooth above the clouds. 


It clears up rather nicely when I get over upstate NY.  Instead of the normal loop down the Hudson for an eventual Expressway Visual approach, we land to the south.


Quick run to the gate (bag is 3rd off!) I make my way to the M60 bus and over to Columbia to meet Sal — who is putting out fires left, right, and centre.

Sunny and crisp in NYC as we eat lunch in front of Alma Matter.


I let Sal get back to work, and make my way slowly to JFK.  I decide to take the A train all the way to JFK — longer, but I have time.

Mostly underground, we come above just before the airport.  We pass over an abandoned graveyard — the most striking thing I have seen an a long while.  If only I had the guts to use my camera more on the Train.

Check in was suitably chaotic – but eventually I got my bag checked, along with being put on the waitlist for Crown Class.

One last pic, of our plane waiting for service:



Tomorrow, Amman!





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28 03 2008

You’ll be glad to know that all fires have been put out. The conference is a success! 😀

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