From FL310

23 11 2007

I am comfortably seated in Seat 16A in the upper deck of a United Airlines Boeing 747-422. I do not have a seat-mate, so it is most comfortable. As I go through my photos I realize that I really did enjoy this trip — allot. While I am looking forward to going home, seeing friends, enjoying the brisk fall weather (!), and getting back to work (!!), I am also looking forward to my next few trips.

The first is ‘home’, to Saskatchewan. I look forward to seeing my father and the rest of the family out there, and enjoying a *week* of brisk Saskatchewan winter.

The second is one I have been thinking about allot during this trip. It is the around the world via Colombo trip in April. It will be a sacrifice to take this trip — it means cutting back on going out, electronic toys, and other local short pleasures.

I am pretty sure it is worth the sacrifice.

Just finished dinner. Started with Dried beer and marinated prawns with asparagus tips and tomato. This came with a Mustard dill mayonnaise. Along with this starter came some greens, with a creamy wasabi dressing. Both were very good.

The main was a bit of a disappointment — the pan-seared filet mignon with a shallot balsamic demi glace was not as tender as I am used to on United. In fact, this was the first time United Airlines disappointed me with beef. The potatoe mushroom casserole was also bland, and the shiitake mushrooms were nowhere to be seen.

Ah well.

I believe this is where James calls me a bastard… Or was it where I enjoyed my Champagne? I am sure he will let me know 🙂

The dessert was fine, a Hazelnut nougat cake with some Port – also fine.

So what have I realized about traveling on this trip?

One, I enjoy it. Allot.

Two, I would like to find a travel companion with the flexibility I have (that I could travel with of course!). I am an introvert, and when an introvert travels alone it is hard at times (!) to meet people. I find myself getting lonely about a week in. The train really helped this time, but someone to share the trip with, and who is a bit more extroverted, would be wonderful. Even given this, I am not about to stop traveling alone — it is just something I would like.

Three, I like my job. I realize it is a job that gives me most everything I want in a job. Freedom to (basically) run my own shop, daily challenges, great co-workers, stability, a decent salary, and the time and flexibility to do ‘stupid’ travel like this.

I don’t imagine myself leaving anytime soon.

Time for sleep soon. We are over the Coral Sea, flying at just over 1Mm/h, my seat is reclined, Arvo Pärt is on my iPod, and a glass of Spanish Taurus Roble 2004 Toro is in my hand.




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