Wellington North

20 11 2007

I am in the Bay of Islands, north of Auckland today. I came here as it was sunnier than in Auckland. Found a nice place to stay, but it is a bit quiet here (not as quiet as Wellington on a Sunday though!).

I had a very good trip down on the train to Wellington:

Wellington itself during the day is very nice. They have a great National Museum, and a very compact, walkable downtown. The harbour is not the original harbour — that body of water became unusable after an earthquake pushed it up over 6 feet!

There is a nice trolley line (now a funicular) up to the botanical gardens, which has a great view of the city. The walk down is rather impressive as well. One thing that makes me want to move to Wellington is that many houses have private funiculars or trolleys to get up and down the hills!

The flight back to Auckland on Pacific Blue was a bit of a farce. The flight sat “waiting for a gate” for over an hour. I put that in quotes as it did not “get a gate” until the previous Pacific Blue flight left (it came in at a different gate even). I suspect that they did not have enough ground crew to handle both flights.

We boarded and disembarked via air-stairs, even though both Auckland and Wellington has many empty jet-bridges.

The flight itself was uneventful.

This morning I did some plane spotting at AUK, then drove up to where I am now. Back to Auckland tomorrow evening for one last night, then an early start home on Thursday. It is OK, I am getting a bit homesick.

PS, this is where I had lunch today:




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