Well into NZ

13 11 2007

Second full day in NZ this morning. I am in Rotorua NZ. This city is famous for thermal activity – the whole town at times smells of sulpher from the various thermal pools all around the city. I remember hating it (the smell) the last time I was here.

My hotel in Auckland was the Quadrant, a botique hotel in the CBD, across from Auckland University. Nice enough, tho a bit pricey. I will be staying here a couple more times durning my trip. In Rotorua, I stayed at a guest house, nice enough, but the other occupants have rather taken over, messing things up. I left early this morning.

From my hotel in Auckland

I did a nice drive down here from Auckland yesterday. Getting used to driving is overall easier than expected — the absolute worst part is remembering that the signal stalk is on the right of the steering whell, not the left! If I had a penny for every time I indicated my signal with my wipers I would have at least a 1/2 dollar!

Speaking of cars, here is my fine Kia Picanto:

It reminds me allot of my first car – about the same amount of power, but this one has power windows *woot*.

I drove along the coast as much as I could, finding wonderful beaches. I stopped and ate lunch as I watched the body surfers enjoying the waves.

The roads here are very windy – I wonder if the contractors were paid a subsidy for construction by the mile! Next time I am here I want a bit better car.

There have been wonderful photo opportunities for sheep, but there seems to be an correlation on difficulty for parking vs quality of photo opportunity — if the photo would be amazing, it would be suicide to park to get the shot. Maybe today…

I am off to Napier today. This town was flattened in the early 1930s by an earthquake and subsequently rebuilt in a nearly uniform art deco style.

Cold and windy this morning, I do hope it improves.




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13 11 2007

Yes I remember the scrunched up nose but you liked the bubbling mud!

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