Hello Monday

11 11 2007

Relaxing in SYD for my flight to Auckland. An stunning Monday morning here. I am feeling somewhat refreshed – I slept 6-7 hours on the flight, and I have had a shower. I am happy I paid the 250$ for the upgrade to First — I wasn’t feeling 100% so it was nice to be able to get up when need be.

The flight was pretty bumpy at times, esp. about an hour after dessert, which is what I think made me feel as I did.

Upon arrival I got to see the A380. Big yea, but not as big as I thought — though I think that mostly had to do with it only being with 747’s.

As I write this I am watching it take off, and I change my opinion — it is big!

I am looking forward to getting to Auckland and outside, I feel like I have been in airports and tubes way too long.

It was interesting reading this article as I was doing this flight, and thinking of my next trip.




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