The difference between Apple and Microsoft – it is all in the ads.

6 06 2007

Apple ads = cool. Microsoft ads ≠ cool.

So Microsoft launched a cool application / hardware combo, Microsoft Surface. Neat idea – you can see this from this ad:

Stop telling me how damn cool this is! I know it is.

Apple is launching the iPhone. Also a cool application/hardware combo. Now watch this:

That’s cool. I want one. I want the soundtrack.

The Microsoft ad makes a cool product seem so much less cool, and the Apple ad makes a cool product look utterly amazing. The Microsoft ad is the biggest geek in school telling me how cool this product is. Apple knows how cool the product is – all they have to do is show it to us in a well packaged way, knowing we will get it too.

All I know is that I want to listen to the melodic background music from the ad on an iPhone. Well, that and for Apple to come out with iSurface.




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