Las Vegas to LAX

21 01 2007

Writing this from the US Airways lounge in LAS.

Flight was OK to Las Vegas, other than a cold seal on the left engine of our trusty A320.  Everything was all right, and we were off only an hour late.

Flight was smooth, but the video was not working on the plane *frown*.  Flight was full (as seems the norm).  The fellow who paid 800$ for his flight to LAS did not seem too happy that he got the middle seat while I had the window.  Boy, I sure like e-check-in.

Las Vegas was cold but sunny.  Got some photos of landing on the 25s, but the fence size is just too small.  I will have some photos up later today.

The Renaissance Las Vegas was nice, but amazingly cheap in construction.  The guy in the next room sure liked to swear.  The flat screen HDTV was nice, if you are into that kind of thing.  For what I paid it was nice, but if I was ever to come back again, I would stay on the Strip.

So I rode the Monorail to the strip.  Interesting ride, about as rough as the GTAA shuttle.  But boy do they ever make you walk through the casinos to get to the stations.  10 minutes was my record from Paris.  Only really useful if you need to go to the convention centre or the Hilton.

There are Santa Ana winds today in LAX, so we should be coming in over the ocean.  This means that Imperial Hill should be great for photos!




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