Travel plans

18 01 2007

In the last few weeks I have done supper in Montreal, and lunch in Calgary, but now is the time to do a bit longer trip. Originally a trip to visit Rodney & Philip out in Vancouver, it has become a bi-costal romp (even though the east coast is merely for hopping flights).

So here is the plan:

Jan 20 08:40 AC 591 YYZ > LAS
Renaissance Las Vegas
Jan 21 09:20 US 103 LAS > LAX
Westin LAX
Jan 23 08:00 UA  20 LAX > JFK
*dinner with a friend in NYC *
   ”   21:59 US3807 LGA > BUF
Millenium Buffalo Airport
Jan 24 11:03 US3117 BUF > LGA
   ”   14:22 UA7365 LGA > IAD
   ”   17:05 UA 917 IAD > SEA  
     ”   22:30 AS 671 SEA > YVR
Jan 30 18:05 AC8097 YVR > SEA
   ”   23:25 UA 262 SEA > IAD
Jan 31 08:17 UA7225 IAD > BUF

Yes, the itinerary is silly – stupid even – but here is why it happened. I originally was to go BUF > SEA (via LGA and IAD) and back, with Rodney picking me up in SEA. Well, looking at the times I decided a morning bus to BUF wasn’t going to work from Toronto, so I will have to stay overnight in BUF. Hey, I have this pass, I could fly to LGA or EWR, then get a flight up to BUF. 49$? Not bad. Book it.Then I say, I would like to go to LAX. Works well if I do a night in LAS, so let’s do that. 39$ to LAX from LAS? Good deal! OK, now how about to get my flight to BUF from LGA. UA PS service for 150$? Sweet! Book that.

Now Rodney is getting a bit nervous about the trip to SEA. Works for an online gambling company you know. OK. Not the best price, but I have never flown Alaska before. So I go for it.

So a new airport (JFK), a new service (PS on UA), and a new airline (AS). Throw in Priceline for the hotels and some Hertz coupons and it is a go!
I can taste the in-n-out burgers already!





2 responses

18 01 2007

ohhhhhhhh in-n-out fries….i’m jealous.

18 01 2007

I would bring you some back, but they might be a bit cold.

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