9 12 2006

Made it one stop, and only 5 minutes late! Got the absolute last row of a Mesa CRJ-700. Surprisingly quiet — quieter than an ERJ-145 in row three. Had an aisle seat, so no real photos from the window. The flight was 100% full as the earlier flight to ORD was full. Tried to upgrade my seat on the flight back — no luck as of yet.

The flight was actually pretty good. Friendly FA’s smooth flight, informative Captain/FO. We did one round of holding over SW Michigan, than in due to lack of feul. The plane was fine, the crew was fine, nothing to complain about.

Here are some pics:

CRJ-700 to ORD

Mesa :\ CRJ-700 to ORD.

Jet Blue!

JetBlue at sunny windy BUF.

UAX flight to IAD


Wing shot.

View through scratchy window of wing. Over southern Ontario.

Well, time to get to my 777-200 to DEN. Another window seat, in the back. Ah well, for the price I can’t complain. See you there or SNA!




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