Off again

3 12 2006

Well, it has been just a couple weeks since my last trip. While I did lose various travel documents, keys, cash, and other valuable prizes, it has not stopped my from wanting to travel more. So to further my push to get status, I am off again.

This time it is to southern California. Going to visit John Wayne in the O.C. Well, at least for supper.

Flying on United via Buffalo. Cheap and easy (?) via ORD, DEN, SNA, LAX, IAD and back to BUF, this should be enough to get me the nice Gold Card I always wanted.

Now only if there was a RCC in BUF…

BTW, here a a couple pix from Seattle…

Quality Always

Waiting for the train

Morning View




One response

3 12 2006

That Chukar Cherries sign in the background of the Loback Meat picture is pretty awesome. A bird of prey as a cherry mascot? How logical!

Oh, and I’m no longer in NY…unless by NY you mean North York… 😉

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