York walls and the National Railway Museum, or How I came to hate Thomas the Tank Engine

23 02 2006

Got an early morning in today. Up and at breakfast by 7:45, and it was good 🙂 Then out into the day. Rained on and off as I walked the full city wall. I really enjoyed the bits where there was not a fence to keep you from falling off. You see, there WERE signs saying “be careful” and well, if you don’t understand that walking on a medieval wall has risks, so you better be careful, well… Defiantly not something you would see over here.

More York Wall York Wall York City Wall

The old town and the Minster is very pretty. Feels a bit touristy at times, but that is OK. The rest of the city centre feels lived in. Lots of the stores and businesses you expect.

York Minster York Minster Near York Minster

They do not allow cars in most of the downtown; instead they run fast and frequent busses in from park-and-rides. Makes sense to me.

After walking the wall (even the not-pretty bits) I decide to walk to the National Railway Museum. I was going to do this on Thursday, but given how I am not into Vikings, I might as well go today. As I am walking along to the museum, I notice allot of children in prams. Allot of prams. As I emerge from the subway from under the tracks to the museum I notice a sign “Thomas the Tank Engine festival: Ride Thomas”!!!!! The museum is packed. Crying children everywhere. You see, the rides are scheduled, so while you wait, you can go visit the rest of the museum.

NRM BannerSteam Locomotive Controls National Railway Museum

Well, overall the museum is amazing. I wish I had a wider lens with me. I could not take it in with the 55-200 I have. Dozens of locomotives. Amazing paint schemes, designs, colours. I could not photograph a 10th of what I saw.

And then there is the back room. The museum has a warehouse full of furnishings, signs, models, plates, silverware, hats – you name it. They keep it in storerooms, some of which, they have open to the public to walk through. Again, this is amazing. There is not real work done on interpreting the items, they are just out to look at. Books are available to describe the items (they are all numbered), but other than that it is floor to ceiling “STUFF”

Understated Holder Training Layout Plant Random Stored Silver

And this was only the first building.

Off to the second building. This is where the royal trains are kept. This is also where Thomas was. I would have enjoyed looking more at the displays, but the literally thousand children running around made it difficult. The museum was packed. Good overall in that most of the families were taking their children around to all the exhibits, but still, it was hard to read or look at anything as there were always people around you trying to look at the same thing.

Numbers Letters

After leaving the museum I decided I needed a pint. Went to a pub suggested by Rob. Enjoyed a couple of local ales and wrote some cards home. The pub was smoky, but the beer was warm and tasty, the conversation interesting.

Then off for some more random walking until sunset, and back to the hotel for the evening. With my 4 inch thick National Rail Timetable to read.

York Station York Trainshed National Rail Timetable

Off to Manchester tomorrow morning. There appears to be a train every 20 minutes, so much choice in how I get there.




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23 02 2006

How about a post card honey? 😀

I know you have taste…. 😀


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