No matter what, I am out of here by June?

22 01 2006

I have decided that I really want to move. I am just sick of not living alone. Not that my roomate is *bad*, or *evil*, but.. well, I am just not comfortable at home — it doesn’t feel fully *mine*

So if the NYC thing does not come through (I am giving it until Wed.), I am going to get a place nearby. I am looking at Jazz by Concert Properties. It is a block away. Ugly building, but new.

They have a Studio (PDF) that is 455 ft2. Is this big enough?

It would be 950$ a month. I pay 625$ now. Add 60$ a month for a gym membership at the Y, that makes my equvalent rent 685$. There is ensuite laundry (saving $25 a month)and a dishwasher — making my equiv. rent 710$ So I would pay 250-290$ a month extra. If I sign by April Fools, I don’t have to pay last, they give me a locker, and some other assorted goodies.






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