Czech Airlines redemption update. Good news I think.

21 09 2012

Just received this email from Czech Airlines. Good to know I won’t lose my 40k in miles. Note you can start the process by emailing Czech with your requests, name, account # and the 2nd and 4th character of your password/pin.

The email:

Dear Customers,

We apologise for the delay in replying to the request that you sent us to redeem miles within the OK Plus frequent flyer programme. The Contact Centre is currently processing the requests that it has received to date in the order that they arrived.

In this context, we would like to ask you to await an e-mail reply or telephone call from us. We assure you that all e-mail requests for bonus flight tickets or to redeem OK Plus miles sent to the Czech Airlines Contact Centre by 30 September 2012 will be progressively processed in the course of October. Please do not call the Contact Centre in this matter. You will thereby free up the temporarily overloaded lines and operator capacity, so operators will then be able to handle your requests more quickly. There is no need to be concerned about losing your miles, even if your request is processed in October. When processing your requests in October, we will respect the state of your account in the OK Plus frequent flyer programme as of 30 September 2012.

In connection with issuing bonus flight tickets, we would like to inform you that some flights on the dates that you have chosen may already be fully booked. When processing your requests, we will try to find free places on other dates, or to offer you another alternative. We simply ask for your patience, since in any case we will be contacting you in relation to your request to redeem your OK Plus miles.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Best regards,

Czech Airlines


Hilton Best Rate Guarantee seems only to guarantee high blood pressure

12 09 2012

I need to be in LAX on October 9th. On September 4, I book:


So, I found out that American Express Canada had a better rate on a hotel. Much better. So it is time to try a Hilton BRG claim.

First email, I get this in response:


The person running my claim doesn’t even find the hotel I am looking for. I email back this screen shot:


Still very much alive. The next day I get this email:


I wonder what they are looking at. I do the search again, and get this:


Which includes this screenshot:


Still alive. Now it is September 6. I contact @HiltonHelp to see if they can help. They look things up and see what I am talking about. Crickets.

Crickets until September 12 when I go onto Twitter again.

The answer appears to be: SOL Brian


I just feel like cancelling it all and staying at the Crowne Plaza down the street. I am a Plat IHG member, and I would get club access.


Recieved an email from Hilton not acknowedging any of this, but repeating their email of September 6. Glad I am not staying at the Hilton now, and cancelling my upcoming reservations with them.

Update 2:


It is really hard not to feel insulted by this email. Honstly, if this is your response, don’t bother.

So… I complained to the BBB. Took three emails back and forth to finally get this:


I have emailed them to confirm that they will send a 50$ Amex voucher. While it is not the rate I was quoted (the orig was taxes in) I have had about enough of this. I currently have a room booked at the Crowne Plaza down the street. I have yet to decide where I will stay.

@car2go does some sleuthing to find out who parked a car in the wrong spot

8 08 2012

So I have become a quick fan of Car2Go, Damlier’s one-way truly on-demand car sharing service using cars from their Smart subsidiary. 

Well, mostly a fan. 

On Sunday I picked up a car from the Green P at Queen and Victoria. There was no car in the main floor spot, but while walking to the elevator, I spotted a car up on the second level. Nice.

Today, I got a call from their Toronto office, reminding me to park the car in it’s proper place. Which I had, later that day, on the main floor in the designated spot. I mentioned that I *found* it on the second level. They thanked me for taking it and wished me a good day.

Then I started to wonder. How did they know I was around that car?

Then I remembered. When I picked up the car earlier, I noticed it was sitting next to it’s cultural predicessor, the VW Beetle. So I took the following instagram:


And sent the followng tweet/foursquare update:

They must have reverse-engineered who they *thought* put the car there from the tweet. 

Just a reminder that what you tweet, instagram, and foursquare can come back to you.


Um, why?

21 07 2012


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For Flyertalk.

20 07 2012


For Flyertalk.

20 07 2012


last two tweets in my feed were about autocorrect issues @neiljennings @junctionette

6 07 2012


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